Granite Gangsaw Slabs

The Granite Gangsaw Slabs

Gangsaw Slab - a large and single slab by cut stone blocks with gangsaw machine. It can made from various stone, particularly of granite and marble - the most widely used construction materials for interior and exterior decoration. The large gangsaw slabs allow the designers to create the most unusual, extraordinary and memorable projects.

By strict quality control at every stage of processing gangsaw slabs in our company, which begins with the mining and buy granite blocks at the quarry and the ends finished slabs in stock. Therefore, we can guarantee high quality of our gangsaw slabs and taking into account lower the production cost always at the same time.

Granite Gangsaw slabs: Types, Sizes

Gangsaw Slabs are cut into rectangular shape with large size. The slab size depends on the size of granite block. The thickness of slabs could be made according to the customers' requirements, 2cm and 3cm thickness gangsaw slabs are the most popular.

The length and thickness of the gangsaw slab is limited only by the size of mining at the quarry - granite blocks. The thickness of the slab is pre-set at gangsaw machine and depends on the required thickness of the future product. For further processing,  the front surface of slabs are subjected to necessary processing: grinding, polishing, or flaming.

Unlike standard cladding slabs of granite and marble,  the cost of gangsaw slabs are similar, because make gangsaw slabs requires a larger and expensive stone blocks. The maximum size slab can reach 3 m * 2 m (length and width) and 20-40 mm thick. Than the stone from which is extract the slab has a fragile structure and cracks, the smaller block size should be cut into smaller size of slabs. This should be considered when designing the large size architectural .

The use of granite gangsaw slabs:

Gangsaw Slabs used in the manufacture of large products, such as steps, window sills, countertops, sinks, framed baths, pools, fireplaces, fountains, and portals.

Big Gangsaw Slabs are not finished products, and so to speak, requires further processing. Therefore, the buyers of big gangsaw slabs are companies that have the ability to process gangsaw slabs into other sizes.

Granite big gangsaw slabs, thanks to its various colors and their physical properties, such as high frost-and-moisture resistance, strength and low coefficient of abrasion, and have been proved themselves in the external cladding of building.
Undoubtedly, granite slabs could be used for wall cladding, is the fact that the structures created in the Middle Ages, preserved solidity and dignity to our times. gangsaw slabs look impressive and expensive. Just huge TV boards are widely used for laying floors in hallways and foyers with high traffic of people in building entrances, stairs, railings, windowsills and for parts of the memorial complex.

The process surface of granite gangsaw slabs may be different depending on where the project will be applied to. For the external projuects and stages with flamed surface, anitque surface or other non-polished surface, applying a fire flamed treatment may better. For floors, steps and internal walls using granite gangsaw slabs with polished surface.

granite gangsaw slabs

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About Us

cws wanlong granite slabs factory­It is lucky for you, you have found the cheapest granite slabs if you would buy China big gangsaw slabs, it is lucky for us if you choose CWS granite slabs manufacturer as your supplier.

CWS Wanlong Granite Slabs Manufacturer, a family owned and operated business, he has been concentrating on manufacturing granite slabs for 12 years, he has proven to be a leading granite slabs manufacturer, processing Chinese granite slabs in various surface finishes to domestic trade companies and oversea buyers.

China CWS Wanlong Granite Slabs Manufacturer is located in Shuitou town, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province which is the biggest China stone processing, manufacturing and trade area. We possess advanced stone processing machines which are introduced from Italy: gangsaw machine, auto-polishing machine, bridge saw, etc. Under the support steadily by Chinese trade company, our big slabs are widely exported to Europe, America, middle-east and many other countries. Serving the customers by the most caution, serious and responsible attitude is our sustainable faith. We do our best to lower the cost and deliver the slabs on time without any defects.

Company Histroy:

1989-1997: The founder Mr. Liu Xian devoted himself to mine stone of G603 in Jinjiang city, Fujian province. He built up close cooperation with many mine owners.

1995-2002: The company started to produce granite products in Jinjiang and Nan'an, the experience was accumulated gradually.

2003 till now: Due to intense competition, the company made a transition and produced granite slabs only, all gangsaw machines and other advanced processing machines were imported from Italy. From that time, the company got to cooperate with WAN LONG GROUP and the name was made officially: CWS WANLONG GRANITE SLAB.

On account of profession and experience, we are proud to say that the price of our granite slab is the lowest among the competitors in China, even if the price of granite slab is fine-turning every month, we still maintain the lowest price.

Why is the granite slab cheapest?
1. We produce granite slab only and have produced gangsaw slabs for 12 years.
2. The production volume is big and the processing cost is lower than other factories.
3. Every year we demand huge amount of "stone block" and we go to quarry to buy directly, the purchase price is low.
4. We are a family company, all staffs are working in the factory, we don't hire extra miscellaneous person and have no rent office cost is needed.
5. We don't go to stone fair and spend money for advertising; we give more profits to the customers.

Your prices are so low, is the quality guaranteed?

Granite slab is a product which is different from other products, as long as the stone name is same, the quality is same all over the world.
If you had ever bought granite big slabs from other Chinese factories, then our quality is same as theirs, and our packing and management is more professional. We cooperate with trading companies for long-term and export world-wide through them, we are very clear with the color and type that are popular in every area. We are pleased to introduce you granite color and type by our experience.           


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